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Aqua Mix Grout Release (1 Quart)

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Aqua Mix Grout Release is a temporary, water soluble, pre-grout coating. It provides protection against grout and mortar staining and eases grout cleanup. For use on textured, porous stone and masonry surfaces.

  • Apply before grouting for easy clean-up when you're done
  • Ideal for textured slate, wire-cut brick, and other porous stone and masonry
  • Not suitable for use with acidic solutions
  • Prevents grout or mortar from staining tile and nearby surfaces
  • Do not allow product to come in contact with any non-recommended surface
  • Prevent buildup of grout release in grout joints
  • Do not use acid solutions for cleanup as acid may react with grout release, forming a crystalline residue on surface
  • Product may discolor some light colored tile and stone
  • Covers approximately 75 sq. ft.

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