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[Grout Colors] - [difepi]
[Grout Colors] - [difepi]
[Grout Colors] - [difepi]
[Grout Colors] - [difepi]
[Grout Colors] - [difepi]

SLATY GRAY ELEGANCE (Sanded/Unsanded Grout) Anti-fungus with sealer.

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DIFEPI grout provides exceptional color uniformity, high wear characteristics and stain resistance.
Used in residential and commercial areas.

MIXING : Grout should be mixed with as little water as is practical for application. For best results, a creamy mixture is ideal.

APPLICATION: For consistent results, fill joints with grout until flush with the surface of the tile using a hard rubber float.

Only use a damp, small pore sponge or cloth for clean-up.
You should use gloves.


Use the product with confidence.
Prepare a creamy mixture, smooth.
Easy to apply.
Use only regular water.
Wipe with a soft sponge every 10 minutes until the mixture hardens.

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