How do you purchase tile to prepare for your installation?

Tile is purchased by the square foot. Therefore, calculate the area you plan on renovating to have an idea of how many tiles you will be needing to order. We advise ordering anywhere between 10-15% of additional tile that goes to waste, cuts, and other miscellaneous uses.

Here are our starting prices for tile installations:


  • 24x24 - $4.50/sqft
  • 32x32 - $5.25/sqft
  • 48x48 - $6.25/sqft
  • Panels above 48” - $18/sqft

Prices ranges between $2-3/sqftCeramic:

Here are some basic and key things to know about installing tile floors:

  • Three main categories: Porcelain, Marble & Ceramic
  • Porcelain and marble installation is basically the same
  • Ceramic is different and easier to install in most instances
  • Installing in walls requires some tile backer board and stronger adhesives
  • You will need to purchase thinset & mortar mix for porcelain and tile installation
  • Ceramic tile usually only needs thinset for installations
  • For the wall, mastic is your typical adhesive
  • Grout is used in between the tiles to close gaps, block liquid seepage or penetration
  • Baseboards will most likely need to be replaced during the renovation of floors. It can cost you anywhere around $3-5/sqft to have them installed.